The process of making a 'Tiane Tenui piece begins with sourcing from only the finest leathers and materials. Christiane personally selects leathers that have unique structure and pattern, ensuring even the smallest blemish can be worked in while being hidden from plain view. The components of each bag are made up of leather and linen threads, bronze screws —simplicity at it’s best. Christiane’s love of the craft comes from the desire to create with her hands. No machines are used in any step of the process.

Acting from a true love of the quiet first steps involved in creating - placing each hand cut, edged and prepared piece one beside the next, the first pull of thread through the leather, Christiane builds each bag, step by step, savoring the slow evolution.

Each component is cut by hand using a knife or scissors. The location of each and every stitch is imprinted directly onto the leather with an awl. After hand stitching each piece together and completing the handles, she finally burns the delicate logo onto the leather bag, in effect sealing her work. The bag is then hand polished with a cotton cloth and Jojoba Oil, Beeswax balsam and carefully wrapped in preparation for delivery.

The designs are timeless, simple and elegant. Never in or out of fashion as they do not follow trends.