'Tiane Tenui believes that the ultimate luxury is being yourself and feeling comfortable and confident in what you like the most, to have the ability to make a choice on what piece to wear according to your mood and individual nature.



Femininity is a major inspiration to Christiane, her designs must function with ease and become a part of her customers daily lives. The feeling her clients have when they love the piece, be it the softness that drapes on the legs when sitting at a dinner table or the structure and strength it may add to your look. These traits are well researched as she always wears a design herself before offering it to clients in order to ensure these qualities and standards are conveyed and upheld throughout her work.

Christiane loves the contact with her customers and being able to discuss with them everything from leather selection and model, to what each customer may use her bag for. She loves the entire journey from start to finish. This is a part of the reason why Made-To-Order, bespoke designs are a must for her business. It is her hope to build a relationship with her customers, learning about them, their needs and their interests.